Friday, May 14, 2010

Transformers 3 - Casting Update

Well, in case you were waiting with bated breath, there is fresh casting news on Transformers 3!

Ok, I'll admit it -- I saw Transformers 2. In the theater. It was ridiculous. But it was directed by Michael Bay, so maybe that's not news. It was also last summer and I've repressed most of the stuff I didn't like about it. The digital animation is pretty awesome and the main reason I will watch the next installment as well.

I'm sure Shia LeBeouf will be back. Wonder if Megan Fox will be past her prime and Sam will have a new girlfriend? Maybe Fox's character, Mikaela, was turned into a Decepticon between Part 2 and 3. Is that possible? Sure, it's Hollywood, why not? I hope Josh Duhamel will be back; he's at least eye candy for a movie like this.

But in actual casting news, it was announced today that Alan Tudyk will be in Part 3, which I find quite promising. You may recall Tudyk as Wash in Firefly. Looooovvvve that show and miss it still. I feel like I see Tudyk everywhere, in random bit parts. Here's to hoping he has an actual part in the movie and isn't just the voice of an Autobot.

In addition to Tudyk, there are two other noteworthy actors signed on for this movie. Frances McDormand (Fargo!!) and John Malkovich (umm, everything but I'll stick with two of my favorites Shadow of the Vampire and Being John Malkovich!!) are actually listed as cast members of Transformers 3. Personally, I find this a bit shocking, but I assume the producers are throwing piles of cash at these two venerable character actors.

Clearly there is more than meets the eye!

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