Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Good News on Transformers 3!

No, really, I swear -- GOOD news!

Megan Fox will NOT be back in the next installment of Transformers. Depending on which publicist you believe, word on the wire today is that her "contract was not renewed" or she opted not to be a part of the project. Since I'm pretty sure the first 2 movies have made several hundred million dollars, I'm going to guess that talking smack about Michael Bay in the press was not the right contract negotiation strategy. But I'm not in the show biz, so what do I know?

The entertainment sites are speculating that "Shia LaBeouf's character will move in a new direction with a new love interest for 'Transformers 3.'" Ummm, duh? What kind of action movie would it be without the Hot Girl?

Anyway, don't you worry about poor Megan. She'll be out to ruin, err, I mean, star in Jonah Hex in just a few weeks. Oh, and here's a picture. Because even though she isn't a rocket scientist, she is pretty hot.

(From Transformers 2)

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