Saturday, May 1, 2010

Batman 3 Release Date Announced

Not much to say about it yet, but Warner Bros finally announced the (albeit tentative) release date for Batman 3, July 20, 2012. That feels a long way off to this fan girl, but I'm sure there are a ton of comic book movies coming out between now and then. Wonder if we'll get to see any promo posters in San Diego? That's almost 2 full years out, but nothing like whipping fanboys/girls into a frenzy to get some excitement stirring already.

There are even a ton of fan-made posters for Batman 3, based on nothing but rumor and hope. I like the Catwoman appearance.

And the Harley (not sure about Kristen Bell as Harley, though I love her in Veronica Mars).

Not sure I love The Riddler, but I'm interested in the NPH casting...

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