Saturday, May 22, 2010

Planet of the Apes Prequel

I'm not a big Planet of the Apes fan (Tim Burton's movie should've been a lot better. Bad Tim, no directing for you). But I appreciate the history and iconic imagery of the original movies. And Charlton Heston -- he's not just Moses, you know.

However, I'm a little surprised to see that Hollywood has green lit a Planet of the Apes prequel. I suppose all properties are ripe for reboot right now.

Yesterday, it was announced that James Franco (Spiderman) joined the project. The movie will be (via Yahoo! Movies):
set in the present day and chronicle how genetic engineering gave the animals intelligence. [James Franco] will reportedly play an important scientist in the midst of the war between man and ape.

In addition, film makers are bringing in WETA Digital for effects and the apes. You may recall WETA's work from Avatar. I'm happy to hear this news--while actors need jobs, I'm optimistic a CGI ape will be better than dude in a monkey suit. I'm silly that way.

In case you've forgotten him, here's a pic of James Franco. Based on my non-representative sample of Google Images, looks like sometimes he photographs well and sometimes not so much. I like this one (and doesn't appear to be 10+ years old. Most of us looked better 10 yrs ago.):

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