Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Simpsons Ke$ha Tik Tok Intro

I'm catching up on all my DVR recordings and came across a couple Simpsons episodes. I always love the Intro, and they've done some really good ones the last few years (inverse relationship to the quality of the entire episodes?). They typically follow the same format for the most part, with the last 10-20 seconds as the new bit.

But I was excited when starting the "To Surveil, With Love" and the Intro was completely different - start to finish. Be forewarned that it uses Ke$sha's Tik Tok, which will get stuck in your head. Oh, and the best quality clip I could find is reversed, which is kind of weird. So imagine it backwards. Or right way around. Whatever, you know what I mean.

PS. To Surveil is also a pretty good episode. Lots of great pop culture references and commentary on our surveillance society. Good times.

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