Sunday, May 9, 2010

Comic Book, Sci Fi, and Animated Characters Have Moms Too!

(h/t Rich for idea)

In case you missed it, today is Mother's Day. I didn't even kid myself with trying to go to brunch -- there is no competing for a table in Portland on Mother's Day. Especially if the sun is out.

I even had several people wish me a Happy Mother's Day though I have no children tagging along behind me. Maybe they know something I don't know? Or are trying to say I look preggo? Sigh. I'll choose to believe that they know I have kittehs at home, who I treat almost like children.

Anyway, I started thinking about some of my favorite Geek moms -- not geeks themselves, but of a universe beloved by geeks. Many of them end up being the "heart" of the show, a foil to the crazy antics of other characters, or else the empathetic listener who tells the primary character what they need to hear (with unconditional support, of course).

First up, Francine from American Dad. Seth McFarlane's 2nd show doesn't get a lot of press, but this show has slowly grown to be one of my favorites. Great characters, hilarious dialogue, ridiculous situations. Francine tries to balance out Stan's crazy thoughts and Roger's ridiculous schemes, but often ends up in her own bizarre side story. I don't know how she puts up with Stan -- she's a better woman than I would be! Well, for a cartoon character.

Next, from one of my favorite Pixar movies, Elastigirl of "The Incredibles." She's a great superhero mom, teaching her super powered kids how to look out for each other and use their powers responsibly. I love that Elastigirl is played by Holly Hunter, who has a great voice and has had prior roles as the devoted mom in film (O Brother Where Art Thou; Raising Arizona).

Then we have Joyce Summers, mother to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. To be fair to Joyce, she didn't know her daughter was mankind's savior for the first few seasons, so she got exasperated with Buffy fairly often. But Joyce is a cool, smart mom who tries to be there for Buffy and the other kids who are always around. One of the most heart wrenching episodes in the series is when Joyce dies -- Buffy can fight a lot of monsters, but there is no fighting biology. I cried like a hamster. But here is Joyce in one of her better moments:

These last two aren't exactly "geek" mom's but I love them nonetheless. They are at the other end of the "mom" spectrum, which is probably why they work so well for me.

Edina, of Absolutely Fabulous.

Darling, Sweetie. Bring Momma a drink. She may be one of the worst TV mothers, but she IS fabulous. (PS - I still love their theme song...)

Finally, Lucille Bluth of Arrested Development. I think she pretty much speaks for herself. I wish I could watch the whole series again tonight. I still miss that show!

Happy Mother's Day!

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