Thursday, September 30, 2010

Comic-Con to Stay in San Diego...for Now

Big news in the convention world today (I know you are keeping careful track of all those conventions!). Comic-Con leaders have agreed to stay in San Diego for another 5 years, or until 2015. This has been a hot topic of discussion the last few years as the attendance for Comic-Con reached record numbers, and SD is overrun with geeks. And for years, San Diego hasn't been too accepting or excited about having 100K+ geeks taking over the town. But perhaps the local government finally realized the massive amounts of money that this 4-day convention brings into town, along with some amazing publicity courtesy of all the celebrities who now come to town to promote their latest show/movie/video game/toy line/clothing line/anything that might remotely appeal to the target audience.

Either way, I'm happy enough to hear that SDCC is staying put for a few more years. The alternate locations I've heard tossed around the last couple of years included both Anaheim and Las Vegas. Anaheim=ehh. And I love Vegas, but not for this event. While there are certainly plenty of flights, hotels and restaurants to accommodate the attendees, the ambiance doesn't seem quite right. Also, if you haven't been, Las Vegas in late July is ridiculously hot. Like melting pavement hot. You don't want this crowd sweating like that.

Now, if only they can get a pedestrian bridge built over the stupid train/trolley tracks, we will really be rolling!!

See you at the Hyatt bar in July 2011?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Retro Gaming Expo

Portland has some really cool events for such a small city. This weekend, for example, is the Retro Gaming Expo at the Crowne Plaza. As they describe:

The Portland Retro Gaming Expo is an annual exhibition of classic video games and systems in Portland, Oregon. We aim to recognize the history of video game systems and their authors, manufacturers and players.

I know Atari changed my life as a kid; I bet those consoles changed yours too! I'm still counting on getting a tabletop Ms. Pacman for our basement suite one day. And it will rock!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Expendables

I got a little stir crazy this afternoon and had to get out of the house, even if for a few hours. Post-surgery, my energy levels still fluctuate so I thought it might be better to go to a movie (not much different from what I'm doing at home). Despite a major holiday weekend, I found that there aren't too many movies currently out that I have any interest in seeing. However, I recently heard an interview with Sylvester Stallone and decided that The Expendables could be worth checking out (or "not your worst option" as we like to say).

Stallone not only stars in, but also co-wrote and directed the movie. Based on the interview I heard, he had a hard time getting any studio to make the movie, despite an all-star cast with major action draw. I'm not sure why it was such a hard sell, but I know H'wood is a fickle beast.

The movie stars quite a few action stars of the 80's & 90's. In addition to Stallone, you've got Jason Statham (Transporter, Crank), Dolph Lundgren (Rocky IV, Universal Soldier), Mickey Rourke, Jet Li, and cameos from Bruce Willis and the Arnold. Two other cast members that the geek world would recognize include Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia of Buffy & Angel fame) and David Zayas (Angel from Dexter).

I'm not sure what to say about The Expendables, other than it was a fast-paced, guilty pleasure. The action is ridiculous but so over-the-top that it's fun and entertaining. All the stars have amazing fight sequences, particularly Statham and Li (so awesome that it made me want to go learn a martial art!). I didn't expect much out of the plot line - since it is clearly an action focused film - so the story was about as deep as one would anticipate: team of mercenaries hired to take out South American dictator. Trouble ensues. It reminded me a little of The Losers, which was released earlier this summer and based on a comic book series of the same name.

Shockingly (not), critics didn't love the movie, but the earnings have been so good that apparently a part 2 has already been greenlit (green lighted?). Given how hard it was to get Expendables produced, I'm sure Stallone is thrilled by the commercial success. Anyway, here's a clip:

Maybe it's the nostalgia talking (yeah, let's go with "nostalgia") but with a summer of some crappy movies -- I'm looking at you, Charlie St. Cloud -- I'd much rather have a shoot 'em up pulpy action film than more sappy dramas or terribly predictable rom-com. Oh, and if it isn't in the works already, this one should *totally* be a video game; the possibility of living vicariously through martial arts fights, shooting everything, and blowing up everything else would make it a contender (ahem, Kinect).

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Comic Style Wedding Invites

Earlier this week, Comics Alliance featured a few images of very cool 60's style comic cover wedding invitations created by Etsy artist Swelser. I really, really wish I knew about this artist before my husband and I got married. Maybe for our 10 year re-commitment ceremony, we can get some of these awesome Kirby-inspired invites. My favorite is this one, probably because it is in space:

PS - Check out some of their other pieces on Etsy - pretty cool stuff, including vintage-inspired movie posters which I may have to come back to here at a later time...

Zombie Spock

I love fall, especially because of Halloween and all the fun geek tie-ins that show up this time of year. Also, the leaves changing color is really pretty, and even though that has nothing to do with pop culture, it's part of fall and makes me happy. So there.

Via Laughing Squid today is a post of a supremely awesome zombie Spock t-shirt (by Shawn Conn). Thumb's up! Now, where's my zombie Picard?? (could be titled "Brains, Number 1" or "Grey Brains, Hot"). Could be a whole great series!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sandman TV Series?

Heat Vision reports that Warner Bros is looking to develop a TV series based on the fan-favorite Sandman series. Not to wax poetic, but the Sandman series changed my life, and brought me back into the comic-book fold. Actually, it also lead to getting a job and working at a comic book store for many years where I met many of my closest friends. Butterfly flaps its wings, etc, etc. So you can praise/blame Sandman for much of the adult geek you see today.

As Heat Vision points out, any adaptation of the series is tricky; Sandman is one of the most beloved stories and set of characters, with a cultish-like following of devotees. It would be exciting to see an episodic take on the series (rather than a one-off movie like Constantine). I can only hope that an HBO/Showtime/Starz picks up the property so it can be appropriately rated for "mature audiences." Or at least with AMC -- looks like they might have a fighting chance with the new Walking Dead show. And for sure get Neil Gaiman involved!! It would give the whole thing instant geek cred. We heart the Neil.