Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Celebrate Geek Pride Day - Part Deux

When asked what is the difference between a geek, dork and nerd, I recalled a great Venn diagram that broke it down pretty well (h/t Rich):

I think I'm right in there between the Geek and the Nerd, as expected.

But in looking around for geek infographics (yes, it's a thing) I found this amazing diagram (click to embiggen):

I love the visual representation of the geek universe -- so many things connected to one another. I wish I could circle some stuff (hmmm, need to work on that) so I could point out where I show up. Turns out, all over the place. Where are you at? And what's missing? I would argue that there should be a branch for music geeks (a very special breed). I'm sure there are quite a few Geek Obsessions, Idols, and Activities still missing from the list. It would be fun to watch this evolve over time.

Yet one more reason, I'm proud to be a geek today.

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