Saturday, October 30, 2010

More Halloween-y Movie Clips

I'm not sure I can commit to watching a whole movie tonight -- my attention span has grown more "episodic" in nature of the last few years (thank you, Internet!). However, I do have a few favorite movies I like to watch at this time of year. I can't say they are, you know, Oscar worthy or anything, but they amuse me.

So on this Hallow's Eve, enjoy a few clips.

Army of Darkness

I love the Evil Dead movies, and absolutely adore Bruce Campbell, and try to catch most everything from Sam Raimi (also, brother Ted). While Army of Darkness is utterly ridiculous, it is a campy good time. Several years ago, we got to see Bruce Campbell and Army of Darkness at a Santa Cruz movie theater for an abbreviated re-release tour (I'm assuming among college campus type areas). I'd forgotten about this event until now, but wow, was that awesome. Seriously, don't be surprised to see that I name my first born "Ash" -- Yes, I am that kind of geek.
PS - You can catch Bruce in the TV show Burn Notice, where he continues to maintain the awesome. Oh, and pick up a copy of "If Chins Could Kill" -- such a good time!

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Another long-time favorite. I recall seeing this movie in college, oh-so-long ago and being blown away by both the visual artistry of Tim Burton and amazing music throughout. Danny Elfman has such a rich, smooth voice as Jack singing. Beautiful. In all these years, I never knew who played Sally; turns out it is Catherine O'Hara (thanks IMDB).

I used to work in a comic book store, and we would often play Nightmare either on VHS or laser-disk (look at me, showing my age), and all the store staff would sing along to most every song. Yes, that geeky -- shocking, I know for employees of a comic book store.

What's interesting about this movie is that it wasn't a big moneymaker when it came out, but by the 10th anniversary, it became a cultural touchstone. I blame Hot Topic. Actually, I'm thrilled because this means I still find really cool Nightmare memorabilia and collectibles. Disney used to have a special Nightmare line at Halloween - do they still?

Sleepy Hollow

Certainly not the best movie ever, but it is Tim Burton (again) and Johnny Depp (!!). Depp stars as "Constable" Ichabod Crane, and is very steampunk-esque before that was a thing. I particularly love his glassicals.

"We have murders in New York without benefit of ghouls and goblins..."


This one is kind of gratuitous, but the beauty of having a blog is that I can indulge myself. The opening scene of this movie has to be one of the most badass for the genre. I love the vampire club, with the pulsing techno in an industrial warehouse of some kind -- so very late 90's. I remember hearing this song a few times, and finding myself glancing up at the ceiling, waiting for the blood to start dripping out of the ceiling. (clip is NSFW)

Blade is technically a Marvel superhero, and I love that they kept this story dark and gritty, rather than trying to make it "accessible" and mainstream. No sparkly vampires here. I know Wesley Snipes has had some "troubles" recently, but I think he makes a great Blade. And Stephen Dorff as vampire Deacon Frost! Bonus points for Kris Kristofferson as grizzled ol' Whistler.

Ooooh, this move theme is fun! Maybe a horror theme for tomorrow?

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