Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's Just That Kind of Day

As previously noted here, I'm not feeling Halloween-y this year. I love Halloween but for a variety of reasons, it's just not happening for me. So I'm giving up on the costumes, decorations, and frivolity for myself, and instead sharing some other great Halloween-related things. As they come to me. Bare with me.

I loved The Great Pumpkin as a kid, though I remember the Red Baron sequence going on way too long. Given the even shorter attention span today and the fact that isn't an easily identifiable reference to kiddies in 2010, I have to believe that scene still goes on too long.

But I do love how many simple costumes there are -- the classic ghost and witch -- and the fact that the kids get things like cookies and gum in their Halloween sacks. And they're excited about it! Gum!?! When I was a kid, I would've been ticked off about gum. Certainly no home-baked goods accepted from strangers these days, what with all the razor blades and poison. But seriously, what is up with Charlie getting rocks in his bag?? What adult would give the other kids treats and then give him a rock?! That is f'd up.

I can't tell you why, but I'm thinking about Scooby Doo today too. Perhaps all the cases with ghosts and mummies? Anyway, Scooby lends well to Halloween.

So, of course a logical Halloween special for Scooby & the gang is the case of the Headless Horseman! Zoinky!

Looking forward to clips from other great Halloween tie-ins that I can dig out this weekend! Maybe this will finally get me motivated for Halloween this year -- just in time for November 1st.

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