Monday, October 11, 2010

Banksy Directs Opening of The Simpsons and it is Dark

(h/t Laughing Squid)

Wow, the Internet was totally abuzz this morning about the opening sequence of The Simpsons last night, directed by elusive artist, Banksy. I haven't had a chance to watch the whole episode yet, but after all the posts on the opening, I had to check it out. And you know what? That shit is dark.

Watch it:

I've now read a deconstruction of the sequence, noting that it is commentary on the West's dependence on East Asian sweatshops to produce our cheap goods. Well, certainly that is true, but I guess I wasn't expecting it in the opening sequence of an animated show on Fox.

But honestly, what bothered me most about it was the sad unicorn, used to punch out the middle of DVDs before they are packaged. Yeah, I know it's an animated version of an imaginary animal. I can't explain it, but it bummed me out. The rest is obvious (and of course depressing and sad, and now I feel guilty about, well, lots of things) in its message.

I'm a little surprised Fox let the sequence air, and there is an interesting interview with one of the show's producers about how the whole thing came to be (go read it here). It's certainly at the opposite end of spectrum from the Kei$ha opening sequence they did last year. In fact, despite how dark the Bansky intro is, if this is now a "thing" -- to change up the opening sequence in a variety of ways -- I'm in full support. This is probably the most buzz on The Simpsons in quite a few years, so good. Also, reminder: don't buy so much crap from China. Or something.


Ay, caramba!

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