Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Am I the Only One Disappointed by New Fall TV?

I've been encouraged to share an opinion if I have one, and I have a couple on two of this fall's new TV shows. Hardly controversial but I have to start somewhere.

There were 2 shows--Undercovers and Running Wilde--that I was excited to check out because of those involved with the show, thinking that either could be promising. But it turns out that star involvement doesn't always correlate to quality TV fare. 'They can't all be winners!"

Undercovers piqued my interest primarily because of JJ Abram's involvement. I loved Alias, another spy show, and I am currently loving Fringe, a supernatural mystery, wrapped in a conundrum. However, I got lost in about Season 2 of Lost... On paper, this should be a show I like -- like the actors who play the leads (Boris Kodjoe and Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Steven & Samantha Bloom). They are very pretty to look at, the show is moderately well paced, there is decent action, exotic locations, spies in costumes, etc. All the basic components of a spy show. But meh, something is missing from the overall total.

Steven & Samantha are already married, so perhaps it is the sexual tension that is missing. The show is referred to as being a bit like Hart to Hart (a show I liked as a kid). Or perhaps it is the completely unbelievable way that Gerald McRaney as the CIA contact who shows up to engage the Blooms in covert field missions that only they are qualified to run. After being out of the CIA for 5 years. By the way, they are currently caterers. Ummm....what now?

For JJ's sake, I tried. But this one needs to have some re-tooling to get back on track and keep my attention. I'll give it another shot before totally abandonment, but likely not more than 3 episodes. Unless there is nothing on or a sporting event X (fill in with baseball playoffs, football, and so on).

The 2nd show, Running Wilde, I primarily watched because of Will Arnett, whom I adore, and David Cross, both of Arrested Development--a fantastic show that Fox canceled way too soon. I really wanted to like this show for Will's sake. Sadly, so far Running Wilde falls terribly short of expectations. There are a couple of chuckles along the way, but overall, it's not very funny, even in a peculiar way. Sadly, I'm not sure what would make the show better at this point. I give this show about 2-3 more episodes. Sigh -- too bad.

There a few other shows I'm keeping an eye on: Hawaii 5-0 (pilot was better than I thought), The Event (despite some crazy time jumping, the first 2 eps had potential), and Nikita (which competes with something else so I'll have to wait and watch this later).

Now, let's go Spring Replacements!! You're up!

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