Thursday, February 18, 2010

Toy Fair Highlights

I wish I could be at Toy Fair this week. I love a nerd convention, and one focused exclusively on toys would be amazing. Except that I'd have to go to New York in February, during what I've heard has been one heck of a snowstorm. Given that I've had 3+ days without rain in Portland, also in February, it's a toss up.

But since it's not even an issue this year, I'll just share some highlights I've seen floating around the web. Plus, I'll get to see some of these toys later in the year at San Diego Comic-Con.

via Comics Alliance come an image of a new AT-AT from The Empire Strikes Back. I love that they are still making toys from movies that are pushing 30. But Empire is still my favorite of the Star Wars movies, mostly because of the scenes on Hoth (see poster in yesterday's posting!). So check out this AT-AT figure that can hold 20 regular sized Star Wars figures inside.

I spent so much time looking for other reports and good images from Toy Fair, that I'm already out of time this evening. Sometimes, research for the blog takes a while! But, I did find a great set of images on Flickr from Ken Miller. I picked a few favorites either because the toy looked really cool or I love the property (or know someone who does!).

First up, from the Mr. Potato Head family and in honor of the new Iron Man movie due later this spring, "Tony Starch." Get it?

In honor of the Peanuts' 60th anniversary, Dark Horse is releasing some vintage-Peanuts figures. I heart Snoopy!

I spied these new Venture Bros. figures and immediately thought of Rich! I'll be looking for these in San Diego...

Finally, Rorschach (Watchmen), Lobo (DC) and Beetlejuice -- because they amuse me.

In looking through quite a few of the images, it appears there continues to be an interest in the 80's, as reflected by new toys based on Ghostbusters, wrestling icons of the era (Rowdy Roddy Piper, anyone?), Terminator, and so on. So, there's more of the 80's to look forward to, in case you didn't get enough the first time around.

I'm thinking of doing another post just on some of the female figures. I used to collect those and still have a place in my heart for them. Sadly, I have no room in my storage container for any more.

Happy Toy Collecting!

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