Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lowbrow Alice

I recently saw Camille Rose Garcia's beautifully illustrated version of "Alice in Wonderland" and not only got one as a gift, but bought one for myself too (um, why yes, I am an only child). I wish I could be in LA for Garcia's show of original work from this book - I'm sure the images are stunning in person. But I hear she's moved to the Northwest, so I'm hoping to catch a future show or book signing soon. Powell's, I'm looking in your general direction.

(Image via BoingBoing)

A couple of other images of Camille Rose Garcia's non-Alice work:

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  1. sweet, I was not familiar with the Camille Rose Garcia. --Did I show you the version that Artem's Dad got me for Christmas -- it's a limited (Canadian ;- p ) edition with unusual art. I can't remember if I showed you guys at New Year's.