Monday, February 22, 2010

ShAt My Dad Says

Meant to post about this on Friday, but as previously reported, the week didn't end on a high note. So here we are.

I started seeing news late last week that the Twitter-famous "Shit My Dad Says" is getting a TV show, starring....wait for it.... William Shatner!! The Shat is going to be the Dad! If anyone could portray a sharp, but foul-mouthed older man, I'm pretty convinced William Shatner won't be stretching himself too far.

But I have some concerns about the premise of this as a TV show. On network TV. Let's start with the name: Shit My Dad Says will have to be cleaned up. I wonder if they can even use Sh*t My Dad Says? Probably not.

Then, there's the content. Forget that I'm not really clear what this show is supposed to be about other than hilarious scenes of Shatner making nasty comments. But even those nasty comments have to be totally cleaned up. I think one of the most hilarious things about the tweets is imagining a 70+ year-old man swearing like a sailor.

So, I'm going to adopt a "wait and see" position on this one. They might consult with comic Jim Breuer, who I know has some great dad stories. Now, that could be fun.

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