Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Amazing Posters

Last week, Boing Boing had a great post about some very cool posters that take inspiration from some of our favorite movies & TV shows. The first series, created by Justin Van Genderen, are minimalist travel posters based on the Star Wars universe (link here).

Next are some very stripped down TV show posters by Albert Exergian. I love these even if I don't always understand how the image represents the show (some are more obvious than others, at least to me).

These posters reminded me of another set of vintage-like Firefly travel posters that came out a couple years back (available at I clearly need a house with some large, tall walls for all the art I want on them.

Star Trek is a pretty obvious set--so many great references could be done. But, can someone do a set that are Buffy/Angel-related? What other TV shows or movies do you think would lend itself to a great series of stylized posters like these? Or maybe inspired by video games? I wish I was an artist or designer; I think I could have fun with this theme...

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  1. Love the Star Wars ones. I need art for my house and think I found some. It took me forever to find where to buy these prints. Guess I'll have to save my pennies, the larger size (what I want) is not cheap, plus the framing!

    Thanks for sharing and giving me something else to obsess about ;P