Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kevin Smith at Crystal Ballroom

I got a surprise ticket to see Kevin Smith, geekdom's crown prince, at the Crystal Ballroom (thanks Nick!). I'm at that age where going out on a school night is a huge effort, and it took some convincing to get me out of the house to the show. But I'm glad I did, even if I only made it through 2.5 hours -- don't judge; some of us need our beauty sleep.

I've seen a couple of Kevin's DVDs (not sure what to call his stage show - it's not an act, or a show, or a reading, or really even spoken word. Dude just tells stories about whatever is on his mind, chasing topic to topic) and this show was about what I expected.

Kevin came out in his standard bathrobe, and launched into his first story. I was worried when I saw the microphones out in the audience; based on many comic-con's you earn to cringe at the sight of those microphones on the floor. I wish I had a smartphone so I could've posted some of the best quotes of the night. I was thankful that there was little discussion about the Southwest incident--felt like Twitter & the mass media coverage were enough for that one.

Some highlights:
--Story about the "prom bus" and using a rock star tour bus to get around instead of flying
--Bears & cubs
--Working with Bruce Willis
--The birth of his child, Harley
--Fame or notoriety
--Comic books, and writing them while high (must find the Batman mid-life crisis story referenced)
--His future in film making, and upcoming movie "Red State"
--George Carlin

Too bad I had to leave before he was finished. Oh, and I saw the tour bus outside Crystal Ballroom -- it looks pretty awesome!

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