Friday, April 30, 2010

Friends with Kids? How About Bacon!

Bacon is big. I mean BIG. I don't eat the pork products, and I can't get away from bacon. Especially in NW cuisine -- I swear, they shove bacon into most everything here. Macaroni, waffles, mashed potatoes, salad, doughnuts, chicken, soup. You get my drift.

But I can appreciate the devotion to bacon. There is an almost cult-like status to finding the "new" bacon product totop your friends. There are whole websites dedicated to bacon in all its forms and functions.

Well, here's a little gift suggestion (via ThinkGeek) for those bacon-loving friends with kids. Let's get them started while their young, shall we?

My First Bacon

Isn't he cute and/or silly? Not only is he a fuzzy plushie toy, but when you squeeze him, apparently he says "I'm bacon!" Hey, could even be a fun dog toy, if you don't have small children hovering around!

PS - while you are at it, why not throw in the PVC action figures "Bacon Vs. Tofu." A fun gift for your hipster friends. They can put it in their cube with the rest of their toys! (Btw, I can't cast stones on that one...)

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