Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Upcoming Movie Trailers - Promising or Just Plain Crap?

One thing I love about going to movies in the early Spring: Summer movie previews!!!

I was hoping to see the Iron Man 2 preview, or maybe even Tron, but not this time. Prior to Repo Men on Saturday night I saw the following previews (commentary included! lucky you!):


As far as I can tell, a remake of the 1987 classic, Predator with Arnold Schwarzenegger. The 2010 rendition stars Topher Grace, Adrian Brody, Laurence Fishburne, and Alice Bragga (just saw her in Repo Men). I'm already having trouble believing Adrian Brody in an action role...

Nightmare on Elm Street

A reboot of the 1984 classic horror movie, this one starring Jackie Earle Haley (Rorschach in Watchmen) as Freddy. I don't recognize any of the other actors/actresses listed in this one, except for Thomas Dekker of The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I am clearly now in that next age demographic...sigh.

Clash of the Titans

The original, released in 1981, starred Sir Laurence Olivier, Ursula Andress, & Harry Hamlin - quite a cast in hindsight! I loved this movie as a kid, especially the claymation (correct spelling?) and the mechanical owl. I'm also a little biased as my name is based in Greek mythology and I've had an interest in mythos stories forever.

I'm cautiously optimistic about the new release, starring Sam Worthington (Avatar), Liam Neeson (in so many great films just go to IMDB), and Ralph Fiennes (Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter series).


Based on the comic book by Mark Millar, this one is about Dave Lizewski, a high school student and comic book fan who makes the decision to become a super-hero even without any powers or training. Of the previews covered here, I think I'm most excited about this movie. Can't tell you why other than it seems like a geek lovefest.


An homage to the 1980's TV show, MacGyver, MacGruber is based on a Saturday Night Live skit and stars Will Forte, Kristin Wiig, & Ryan Phillippe. While I like all the actors, I can't believe there is enough of a premise here for a whole movie. However, I see that Jorma Taccone is directing -- he's part of The Lonely Island along with Andy Samberg & Akiva Golsman -- so I'll keep an open mind.

Robin Hood

I don't know what to make of this film, directed by Ridley Scott and starring Russll Crowe & Cate Blanchett. I generally enjoy stories pertaining to Robin of the Hood, but the preview for this one is a little too reminiscent of Gladiator for me. Also, am I the only one who thinks Russell Crowe is older than Robin should be? Crowe is 46; for some reason I feel like Robin should be a good ten years younger to pull off the reputation of an extraordinary archer and outlaw to the crown. But that's just me.

I'll be on the lookout for more Summer movie trailers soon. We should start seeing quite a few in the next couple weeks. Hooray!

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