Monday, March 29, 2010

Investigation for Either Mulder & Scully or Dudes from Supernatural

Last night on Twitter, I saw reports of a "loud boom" or explosion sound in SE Portland. It wasn't clear what caused the sound when I went to bed, and it appears they still don't know. From our local KATU news:

Firefighters searched for an explosion, and found nothing in the minutes even hours after the boom rocked Portland.
We checked with the commander of the Oregon Air National Guard, Bruce Prunk. He said as far as he knows this was not military related. He said the Air Base in Portland was not running a training mission at any point Sunday night, given the weather system that is moving in. He is continuing to check, but at least confirmed this had nothing to do with any fighters from the Oregon Air National Guard.

Also, Western Air Defense – which is part of NORAD – does not show any records during this time-frame that would indicate the boom was aircraft-related.
I particularly love the image from this post:

So if we could get X-files or the Supernatural brothers (or maybe even the DEA?) on this one, I'd appreciate it. Because this seems a little, ahem, suspicious to me.

Update: Reports indicate the cause of the BOOM was a PVC pipe bomb. Sure...not suspicious at all...nothing to see here, move along.

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