Wednesday, March 10, 2010

TV Renewals: Fringe

Forgot to post this one, but I'm thrilled to see that JJ Abram's sci-fi show Fringe was renewed for a 3rd season. Based on Fox's (idiotic) move of Fringe to Thursday's and weirdly interrupted schedule with American Idol results shows for like 6-7 weeks mid-season, I was worried that Fringe wouldn't make it another season. And I love this show; it's one of a few that I relish watching. So, it was a relief to see it (smartly) was renewed. Whew!

If you aren't watching it, check out Season 1. This season has been really good. Good characters (Olivia, Peter Bishop, and Walter Bishop are still my favs, though I'm quickly becoming a fan of Astrid). Strange stories, a la X-Files. What else do you need in a TV show?

There's my pitch -- take it or leave it.

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  1. I can't wait for April 1! I've been pondering how Walter got the "other" Peter over to this side. How do the car crash, Peter's illness and the Observer's assistance relate!?! Gah! 4 more weeks!