Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dead Island Game Trailer

The Husband suggested I check out the new Dead Island video game trailer, posted all around the inner-tubes yesterday (for me, discovered via friend Winda Benedetti at MSNBC). And the inner-tubes don't lie, people. This is one helluva trailer. Check it out, then let's discuss...

Not only is the animation breathtaking (wow, is it), but there is a story in this 3-minute clip that is dramatic and heart wrenching. I'm no film student, but I really liked the device used of moving time both forward and backward. The music is sedate and melancholy (I didn't even notice it the first time through), in sharp contrast to the gruesomeness of the visuals. And while I didn't cry, the last 15 seconds -- a flashback to happier times -- gave me the chills.

I'm sure like many others today, I can't wait to see the game itself.

This also reminds me to always be prepared for that zombie uprising. **Shudder**

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