Friday, February 11, 2011

Gifties for Your Valentine (or Yourself!)

We're not too big on Valentine's Day in my house, which is fine with me. I don't need the jewelry/flower/chocolate cartels pressuring us to get gifts! But then I see all those ads, and I can't help it -- all I think is "Shiny!!" I like shiny.

But, as a geek girl, married to a geek boy, shiny things really aren't a part of our culture. So instead, I share with you a couple of alternates for your Lovable Geek.

First up - the 8-Bit Flower Bouquet (via Maybe it's because my husband is a Mario fan, so I always keep an eye out for Mario-themed gifts, but I think these are cute. I would totally put them on my desk, and AND they won't die (this always saddens me with cut flowers)!
Or how about a nice Star Trek themed cologne? I chose to feature "Pon Farr" (for her) from but you might try "Shirtless Kirk" or "Sulu Pour Homme" for the geek guy in your life.

You might prefer a home made touch, so what about some delicious cupcakes? Whether you be gamer geek (h/t Hello Tauren!):

Or Star Wars geek (h/t Geekologie):

Finally, if you still think jewelry is the way to go, consider these nice dog tags, err "necklaces" for all the geek archetypes. Mine, of course, would be the global "Geek Girl," though your girl might prefer "Anime Geek" or "Fiend" instead.

Whatever you end up deciding, Happy Valentine's!

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  1. LOVE the 8-Bit flowers!!! Those would make an amazing gift.