Friday, February 25, 2011

Hipster Disney Princesses

Some days, it's like talking to yourself out here in ye' ol' blogosphere. A recent NYT article reflected on the decrease in blogging, especially by Millennials, in favor of "micro-blogging" on sites like Facebook and Twitter. I have a whole argument about why that's not really the same thing, but it's Friday and not sure I care that much to get into it.

So, instead, let's get to why I am here and still love playing with my blog. It's for the fun, ridiculous goings-on in the Geek World. Well, and anything else that amuses me. It may or may not amuse you -- so be it. Where our interests intersect in the great Venn diagram of the world, it's fantastic! Where they don't, we walk alone as pioneers, perhaps sharing the new and ridiculous with others in the world.

Oh, hai -- this is me not ranting or getting tangential. Blame the lack of sleep.

Anyway, I present to you Friday's treasure: Hipster Disney Princesses! (h/t io9) Maybe this is a meme I'm slow to notice, but having them together in the little gallery-type presentation format that io9 uses really drives this one home for me.

Here are my favorites:

This one wasn't in the io9 gallery, but a quick Google search on the topic yielded this awesome Alice:

I love that one of the definitive traits of a Hipster Disney character is the black framed glasses, and of course, a snarky comment.

Now, who is starting the follow-up to this? "Hipster Disney Queens" (I mean the queens, sorceresses and witches of the Disney world. Don't be so obvious.)

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  1. I love this new meme. Thanks for the link to i09.