Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tomorrow's Apple Tablet Announcement

The web has been a-flutter with rumors and hypothesizing about Apple's impending Tablet/Pad/Slate announcement. Less than 24 hours now and we'll see if the device can possibly live up to the hype.

I like Mashable's post postulating that the idea of the Tablet may be better than it could ever be in reality.

Without fact or confirmation from Apple (though we now have at least semi-official confirmation that a tablet exists), we’re free to envision a world where Apple can breathe digital life into the publishing world much the same way it changed the music space. A world where Jobs can ride in on his trusty iSteed — wearing his iconic black turtleneck — and resuscitate the healthcare, entertainment, finance, and computing industries in one heroic maneuver.

You can read the whole post

And since the State of the Union address is also tomorrow (oh, and Lost premiere! Damn, tomorrow's packed!), check out The iSlate of the Union Address, a la Steve Jobs. I think it's my favorite web find this week.

Then again, it's only Tuesday.

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