Thursday, September 30, 2010

Comic-Con to Stay in San Diego...for Now

Big news in the convention world today (I know you are keeping careful track of all those conventions!). Comic-Con leaders have agreed to stay in San Diego for another 5 years, or until 2015. This has been a hot topic of discussion the last few years as the attendance for Comic-Con reached record numbers, and SD is overrun with geeks. And for years, San Diego hasn't been too accepting or excited about having 100K+ geeks taking over the town. But perhaps the local government finally realized the massive amounts of money that this 4-day convention brings into town, along with some amazing publicity courtesy of all the celebrities who now come to town to promote their latest show/movie/video game/toy line/clothing line/anything that might remotely appeal to the target audience.

Either way, I'm happy enough to hear that SDCC is staying put for a few more years. The alternate locations I've heard tossed around the last couple of years included both Anaheim and Las Vegas. Anaheim=ehh. And I love Vegas, but not for this event. While there are certainly plenty of flights, hotels and restaurants to accommodate the attendees, the ambiance doesn't seem quite right. Also, if you haven't been, Las Vegas in late July is ridiculously hot. Like melting pavement hot. You don't want this crowd sweating like that.

Now, if only they can get a pedestrian bridge built over the stupid train/trolley tracks, we will really be rolling!!

See you at the Hyatt bar in July 2011?

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