Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sandman TV Series?

Heat Vision reports that Warner Bros is looking to develop a TV series based on the fan-favorite Sandman series. Not to wax poetic, but the Sandman series changed my life, and brought me back into the comic-book fold. Actually, it also lead to getting a job and working at a comic book store for many years where I met many of my closest friends. Butterfly flaps its wings, etc, etc. So you can praise/blame Sandman for much of the adult geek you see today.

As Heat Vision points out, any adaptation of the series is tricky; Sandman is one of the most beloved stories and set of characters, with a cultish-like following of devotees. It would be exciting to see an episodic take on the series (rather than a one-off movie like Constantine). I can only hope that an HBO/Showtime/Starz picks up the property so it can be appropriately rated for "mature audiences." Or at least with AMC -- looks like they might have a fighting chance with the new Walking Dead show. And for sure get Neil Gaiman involved!! It would give the whole thing instant geek cred. We heart the Neil.

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