Thursday, June 3, 2010

TV Ads for Everything Else -- Why Not Comics?

(via Comics Alliance)

How did I not already know about this?? An awesome BBC TV spot for the fantastic comic book series, Fables, by Bill Willingham. Check this out:

This is a great idea and I'm not sure why this isn't done more often. In general, there aren't too many TV ads for books, let alone graphic novels/comic books. (Or, for that matter, print ads outside of monthly comic publications and geek magazines, like Wizard. Sigh.) However, comics -- unlike traditional novels or books -- are already a visual medium and lend themselves quite nicely to this kind of format. More like an ad for a new movie then for a book of static images.

I hope we see more of these kinds of ads, especially as the post notes, on already targeted, niche channels such as Cartoon Network (Thank you, Adult Swim!). Who knows? You might see some interest in comics from new segments of readers/consumers.

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