Friday, June 4, 2010

An 'Edgy' Snow White?

In movie news today, word is that Brett Ratner (Rush Hour, X-Men: The Last Stand) has signed on to produce a 3D re-telling of The Brothers Grimm's Snow White.

(via Moviefone)

Based on a script from writer Melisa Wallack, this new, edgier re-imagining of the legend is being given the fast track treatment thanks to the unexpected popularity of Disney's Alice in Wonderland earlier this year, which just passed the $1 billion mark worldwide.

So what can viewers expect from a Brett Ratner-produced 'Snow White'? Details are still sketchy, but according to the legend himself, you can be sure that this won't have much in common with the animated classic other than the name.

So, first off, Alice in Wonderland made $1 billion? Holy crap! How did that happen? I thought people didn't think much of the movie. It's in my Netflix queue because I was so disappointed by the buzz (or lack of) on this film that I couldn't motivate to go see it in the theater. And I love Johnny Depp and Tim Burton. I guess it is good news, as I think it would be cool to see some more adult-targeted versions of classic fairytales. It appears Disney is already moving in this direction with several green-lit "re-imagined" projects including a Sleeping Beauty story, titled Maleficent, and a live-action Cinderella.

Second, what qualifies as an "edgy" Snow White story? This is still going to be a mainstream movie, right? Maybe it will be "gritty" and also "dark." I guess we'll find out in a couple years. Let's instead commence discussion of who should star as Snow White (no, not Megan Fox). And....go!

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